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Tree Wraps series


Gerry Stecca Art © 2014

There have been six tree wraps since the first attempt. A beloved series, i hope it will continue as long as I can climb a tree.

THE MOST FAQ:  In 2002, I made a wooden clothespins dress for a great friend. The unexpected reception for that early attempt was the seed for the work that continues to evolve today. At the time, I was already involved in creating Installations based on repetition and unusual objects, allowing for a smooth transition into this art form. It is difficult to determine how many hours these works require and more often than not, I lose count of how many clothespins (clothes pegs) I use. I expect to reach the 200,000 mark by the end of 2014. I use the spring type wooden clothespin originally invented in Vermont (USA) also home to the last factory in the USA which closed in 2007.

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