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Power Lines series

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The gradual move towards three dimensional work is rooted in the drawing and painting process which started in the 80's. The examples seen here exhibit my eclectic interests, themes and techniques.Interestingly, I have become aware of how the new abstract works connect to the clothespins sculptures and installations in the sense that both require patience, repetition and are mutually inspired by my life long curiosity for nature, science and imagination.

Having completed hundreds of commercial murals and signs, including a few of my own design, large format painting still my favorite, yet seldom practiced, two dimensional creative outlet.

Recent paintings

Comissioned works

Every few years I find myself re visiting this series which consists on minimal yet textural backgrounds with hand drawn power lines. The inspiration came from long walks to and from my studio when it was located in a semi industrial, older part of Miami (Wynwood). Now I stay vigilant of the scenery above while I travel, collecting images for future reference.