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Murals, Commissions, etc.

CANVAS MIAMI 2018 (work in progress)

Every few years I find myself re visiting this series which consists on minimal yet textural backgrounds with hand drawn power lines. The original  inspiration came from long walks to and from my studio when it was located in Wynwood, (Miami) before trendiness moved in and we the artists moved out.

Power Lines series

Recent paintings


The multi artist, Urban Art inspired project at the new condo in Wynwood is curated by frien and colleague Daniel Fila (KRAVE). Over 25 artist contribute murals and wall art for the common areas of 30+ floors, including a few exterior works. Schedule to open Summer 2018. My contribution consists of 1 exterior mural, 2 interior murals (floors 24 and 33) as well as 8 paintings from the Power Lines series.